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PEP treatment for HIV is a treatment given to persons who are exposed to HIV infection within 72 hours of possible exposure. PEP HIV treatment is a lifesaving treatment for persons exposed to HIV virus during activities like sexual intercourse with any anonymous, sex worker, at massage parlor, with homosexual, impure blood transfusion, blood contamination during any accidents, needle prick or any instrument prick during instrumentation (dental or any other surgical process), any skin exposure during outdoor activities. It can happen in case of sexual assaults also.

Exposure of human body to HIV virus and then delay in the treatment due to any reason can lead to the HIV positive results thus leading to the development of AIDS. The early stages of HIV symptoms are combination of common symptoms like headache, regular fever, sore throat, body ache, painful and bleeding gums, swelling in the lymph nodes, rashes, night sweats, weight loss, mouth ulcers etc. it is not necessary that a person who is HIV positive will have all these symptoms. Only two or three symptoms can be there and mostly such symptoms are mistaken for cold, flu or any other curable viral infection. When this deadly virus enters human body and then crosses the blood barrier, the blood cells mainly the defense cells are affected and the formation of new defense cells and the immune system is damaged leading to the collapse of defense mechanism of body. Thus, the body becomes prone to various infections due to the collapse of immune system and the life span is reduced. When a person becomes HIV positive, the treatment and the course of medicines are continued for life to provide a system to that enables the body to survive the conditions and the surrounding or attacked infections.

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Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV is the golden treatment in such cases when a person is exposed to HIV infection and within 72 hours this treatment is started. This treatment protects from becoming HIV positive after immediate exposure to HIV virus. By any means when a person gets exposed to HIV virus, within 72 hours if this treatment (PEP treatment) is started, a life from becoming HIV positive can be saved. PEP HIV treatment/ post exposure prophylaxis includes the set of anti-viral for a period of 28-30 days, assessment, patient counselling and regular follow ups. This treatment has 98% success rate theoretically and practically the success rate is 100%. In international market, post exposure prophylaxis price is around $800- $1000. PEP HIV guidelines include public health approach and promote human rights. The only HIV treatment after exposure is the PEP treatment/therapy.

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