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SAFE HANDS MD Dr. Vinod Raina is an HIV specialist who is a well-known face in this field. He is practicing from past 18 years and has treated thousands of people. He is top most HIV Doctors in Delhi, NCR. HIV is a virus which if not eradicated before time can lead to the development of HIV positive and then this viral load remains in body for life. Like other viral infections, HIV virus also enters the body and attacks the immune cells thus resulting in the collapse of immune system. But the difference here is that in case of entry of HIV virus in blood, it makes its home there for life. It cannot be eradicated from body then. So to boost immune system and make yourself fit for the survival, one has to definitely consult HIV doctor, HIV specialist doctors. In case if HIV infection has entered the body and within 72 hours of possible exposure PEP treatment is started, in that case one can be prevented from becoming HIV positive. PEP treatment for HIV is given in the window period of possible HIV infection. PEP For HIV Treatment is the therapy to eradicate HIV infection from body for life.

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The entry of HIV virus in body attacks immune cells mainly T lymphocytes, that protect our body from opportunistic infections. The decrease in CD4+ cells takes place resulting in breakdown/collapse of immune system, thus the body becomes more & more prone to infections (viral, bacterial, fungal). The seroconversion illness (initial symptoms like persistent headache, fever, nausea, rashes, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats) can be noticed by the person. Not all symptoms can be present, combination of any two three can be there. In some cases, the symptoms arise in few weeks or months, but in some cases the symptoms can take longer time to arise. So if one is exposed to HIV infection, he/she should consult best doctor for HIV. One should approach HIV clinic and consult an HIV specialist in such cases. Dr. Raina’s SAFE HANDS, a multispecialty polyclinic is a complete home for HIV treatment, PEP for HIV treatment. Dr. Vinod Raina is the best doctor for HIV, AIDS treatment in Delhi, NCR, and India. He has saved thousands of lives from this deadly HIV virus. He is also the Best Sexologist in Delhi.

To Get Best Possible Treatment for HIV, PEP Treatment for HIV, Visit Dr. Vinod Raina, One of the Best HIV Doctors in Noida, Delhi and NCR.

To approach the best HIV doctor in Noida, Delhi, for PEP therapy or for those who are HIV positive, visit SAFE HANDS, multispecialty polyclinic by Dr. Vinod Raina, HIV specialist in Delhi. It’s a complete home for HIV treatment, PEP Treatment in Delhi, counselling and follow ups. Our location is very approachable for whole Delhi and NCR including Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad and Faridabad. The center is just near Malviya Nagar Metro Station gate no. 4.

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At SAFE HANDS, your medical condition thoroughly observed, evaluated & assessed before starting the treatment

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Whole system is designed to provided a sustained result within weeks of starting treatment.

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Treatments are a highly personal subject & we ensure 100% privacy & confidentiality of our patients.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases are caused by the microorganisms that live on human skin or in their body fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluids. These microorganisms when passed from an infected person to a healthy person can make that healthy person sick. The sources of entry of these microorganisms are via skin, blood, body fluids through sexual intercourse involving mouth, vagina, anal, open sores, wounds or cuts. Signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted infections include skin rashes, burning sensation during urination, genital ulcers, and discharges from penis and vagina and in females most common sign is abdominal pain

The approach to Sexually Transmitted Infection diagnosis and management is to treat the signs and symptoms of a group of diseases that have attacked the body. These diseases are preventable and curable if treated on time. Patient education, counselling, laboratory tests are the points that are taken into consideration in such cases. If you are looking Sexologist Near Me. Then, should contact us.

HIV has become a global health emergency at present globally and has affected all regions of the world irrespective of gender, age, region, culture and nationality causing millions of deaths and sufferings. Access to prevention, modes of treatment at different stages available these days has changed the scenario at globe level.

The immune system of our body protect us by recognizing the invading pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites) and gives the instant reaction to those pathogens and thus prevent us from falling ill. The cells of immune system that play part in regulation and destruction of antigens ate T lymphocytes. When HIV is in the circulatory system, it targets CD4+ lymphocytes

When the infection HIV infection first enters the body, it is known as Primary Infection (HIV 1). In Primary Infection (HIV 1) a person carries high viral load meaning ..

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