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What causes a condition called ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME?

What causes a condition called ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME?

ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME is a chronic viral infection that interferes with the body’s immunity by destroying immune cells of the body, thus resulting in collapsed immune system. The mode of spread can be sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partners, blood transfusion, contamination with infected blood, needle prick, breast feed, during delivery. The entry of HIV virus into the circulatory system results in the collapse of immune system of body due to the decrease in the immune cells specifically T Lymphocytes, CD4+ cell count, and increase in the viral load. This results in the low or collapsed immunity that makes body prone to all opportunistic infections and survival becomes difficult. Initially the symptoms may be mistaken for flu or other infections, as the signs and symptoms are similar to other infections. The signs and symptoms noticed during the initial stage is known seroconversion illness which includes persistent fever, body ache, swollen gums and lymph nodes, night sweats, uneasiness, mouth ulcers, rashes, diarrhea, weight loss. The combination of these symptoms may be noticed within months. Sometimes the symptoms are appreciated after years. The chronic presence of this HIV leads to the development of AIDS. Prevention should be taken to prevent one from HIV infection. Contamination can be prevented by using precautions like condoms during sexual intercourse, avoid sexual activities with multiple partners, bisexuals, transgender, use proper precautions during any surgical procedures where there in involvement of blood by wearing masks, gloves, eye wear and proper sterilization and disinfections, proper precautions and follow of protocols during delivery and avoid breast feed in case if mother is HIV positive. Dr. Vinod Raina is the best HIV doctor in Delhi. He is a well-known face as an HIV specialist and has treated thousands of patients and prevented them from becoming HIV positive by PEP treatment. The life span and the status in case of HIV positive can be improvised by consulting an HIV specialist to make one’s life better.

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